Our client was the subject of five separate customer complaints which were disclosed on his publicly available FINRA broker-check report.  These complaints were primarily caused by the overall market downturn from 2009.  The complaints involved annuities and alternative investments, such as Real Estate Investment Trusts.  Some of the claims were settled and some of the claims were dismissed by our client’s broker-dealer and not pursued by the complaining customer.  The panel held a full telephonic hearing during which evidence and testimony was presented as to why these customer complaints were clearly erroneous and false.  On December 23, 2021, the panel issued its Award finding that each of the complaints was clearly erroneous and false and recommended that all of them be expunged.

Denis Dice, the managing partner of WSS’s Philadelphia office, handled the hearing.

Doug Fogle, an associate in the Philadelphia, assisted in the preparation for the hearing.