Our office has extensive experience in and a nationwide capability for handling subrogation matters. We can handle matters from the first notice of loss through settlement of a case, a verdict, and judgment enforcement if necessary.

If an insured experiences a large property loss, particularly damage caused by fire, flood or third-parties such as construction work, it is critical to have experts and counsel on the scene as soon as possible to identify and interview witnesses, preserve evidence and maintain a chain of custody. Prompt and thorough site visits are key to gaining a comprehensive understanding of a loss. We have experience with these types of matters, and understand the importance of identifying all insurers and placing them on notice. We have relationships with a network of forensic electrical and mechanical engineers, fire and explosion experts, and experts who can identify the cause and origin and extent of fire and water damage. We have worked with experts who can identify structural problems caused by contractors. We promptly investigate losses and endeavor to move quickly to evaluate, prosecute, settle and close subrogation claims. Our goal is prompt and cost effective resolution of subrogation claims.

Besides claims involving fire and water damage, damage caused by contractors or construction and product defects, we can also pursue recovery for personal and commercial automobile accidents.

We investigate and mediate cases early on while using motion practice to create leverage, in an effort to quickly and cost effectively close subrogation claims.

Our office’s attorneys have been involved in numerous subrogation claims on both the Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s side:

  • Subrogation/recovery for a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm seeking recovery for damages caused by fire, water main breaks and construction contractor error;

  • Obtaining summary judgment dismissing a $19.3 MM damages claim arising out of fire damage occurring in the art gallery of a private residence on the North Shore of Long Island, New York;

  • Obtaining a pre-answer dismissal of a claim against a plumbing contractor where we coordinated with the Plaintiff subrogation insurer who argued a flood loss occurred due to a defective temperature sensitive pressure valve.