We are dedicated to developing flexible strategies for responding to surety bond claims.

For example, where the principal may be relied upon to defend the surety's interests, we attempt to limit our role to monitoring the principal's counsel while fully protecting the surety's exoneration and indemnity rights. Where the principal is uncooperative or unreliable, as is the case with regrettable frequency, we stand ready to defend claims made against the surety, to proceed against the principal and to supervise contract completion when necessary. We have successfully applied this approach to claims asserted under performance and payment bonds issued in connection with both public and private construction projects, as well as bonds issued to guarantee completion and installation of computer software programs and other high technology systems.

We also have been called upon to resolve claims under receiver's bonds, mortgage company bonds, financial guaranty bonds and a variety of miscellaneous surety products, and have acted as national counsel for sureties that have bonded business ventures across the country.