Information Management

Do you know where your data is? Certainly you do to some degree, but probably not entirely. It is likely that your business is accumulating a vast trove of unnecessary and potentially problematic data in various places, including emails, draft contracts, sensitive data, and various unneeded files and records. These items raise risks far beyond the increased costs of retention and storage. They may pose substantial legal risks, create additional points of vulnerability for breaches and incidents, and preserve information that may come back to haunt you in litigation as you incur substantial costs and risks reviewing and producing this data to an opponent searching for ammunition. The best defense here, as usual, is a strong offense, and we will help you develop and implement a data-management program that will dispose of data that you do not need, maintain that data that you need to preserve, and ensure that you are not storing data unnecessarily at your expense and to your prospective adversary's benefit.