Environmental Law

Successful navigation of the ever-changing landscape of environmental law requires up to the minute knowledge of federal, state and local statutes and regulations. The attorneys in our Environmental Law Group stand ready to guide clients through the regulatory maze in order to help them avoid exposure and strategically defend actions brought in judicial and administrative venues nationwide.

Our attorneys have litigation experience representing clients in a wide array of environmental matters, including claims arising out of diesel fuel spills implicating New York State’s Navigation Law, as well as subsequent environmental clean-up and remediation. In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience representing insurance carriers in connection with environmental coverage disputes, including representing insurance carriers in litigation, mediation and arbitration over potential coverage for cleanup costs associated with Superfund sites across the country. These matters often involve not only the interpretation of various policy provisions, such as the application of the pollution exclusion, the occurrence definition, the owned property exclusion and more, but also lost policy issues, as well as complicated allocation issues involving numerous layers of coverage spanning decades. Our attorneys have successfully represented the interests of insurance carriers in connection with significant claims brought by Fortune 500 companies. Among other accomplishments, we recently have successfully defended several actions in which the New York State Attorney General’s Office intervened.

Additionally, many of our attorneys have experience in medical malpractice and personal injury claims, which readies us to deal with the complex medical issues presented in exposure cases, as well as the scientific and technical issues related to remediation and clean-up of toxic environmental sites. As a result, our attorneys are well versed in medical treatment practices and terminology, and are thus able to identify, address and defend exaggerated claims of injury. We also are well positioned to properly evaluate legitimate claims and track them for early resolution, either by mediation or high/low arbitration, thereby protecting the interests of our clients and, where applicable, limiting the exposure for their insurance carrier. We have built a network of trusted experts and consultants, both for medical claims and in connection with assessing the pecuniary losses associated with wrongful death claims.